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Personalize your orders with custom packaging inserts and branded labels

A cost effective marketing channel with guaranteed reach. Inserts and labels start at $0.49 each with Gelato+ Gold.

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Print on demand

What custom packaging includes

packagingPackaging InsertsCustomize your customer's experience with a branded card, personalized message, or a promotional campaign.
packagingBranded LabelsBuild recognition and awareness by displaying a branded sticker near the shipping label on the box.

Getting started with custom packaging

Activate and configure

Sign in and visit the branding section. Here you can select configure to set up this feature in your store.

Design your branded packaging

Create or upload your existing designs for each label and insert. You can create different options for each of your stores.

We'll take care of the rest

When you receive a  qualifying order it will automatically be produced with your product and delivered to your customers.

The benefits of custom labels and inserts

  • All materials are created on demand at the production partners, no storage costs are needed.

  • A great way to showcase your brand and catch a customer’s attention post-sale.

  • Add a QR code redirecting your customers to a landing page for more information.

  • Increase your average order value by adding a discount code to  encourage  shoppers to buy more.


Exclusive to Gelato+ and Gold plans

  • Discover these exclusive offerings through Gelato+ and Gelato+ Gold subscription plans.

  • Visit our subscription page to find the ideal fit for your business needs.

branded packaging

Getting support

Visit our help center for technical support and live chat.

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