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Introducing GelatoConnect Logistics

GelatoConnect for all your logistics needs

GelatoConnect’s Logistics module provides access to a wider array of local and international carriers and allows you to manage all of your shipping providers in one interface.

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Multi-carrier access with a single API

Complete a simple integration, and instantly secure access to a vast network of carriers, automated routing, and best-in-market rates.

With our pre-configured workflows, you can set up your desired system within hours instead of days.

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Lower shipping costs

Our professional team of logistics experts work on your behalf to negotiate the best rates and routes.

With aggregated buying, you’ll have peace of mind that your products get to their end destination at the lowest cost.

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Manage your global shipping in a single system

GelatoConnect uses data-driven optimization techniques for every shipment. Achieve significant cost savings while also improving your on-time delivery performance metrics.


Analytics and reporting

Replace the manual and tedious logistics tasks with an intuitive software platform that aligns the entire logistics process.

By providing visibility into all products, routes, and errors in one place, you can use analytics to validate carrier performance and guide your future choices.

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Manage logistics on the go with the GelatoConnect app

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the GelatoConnect app can streamline your logistics process and save valuable time.

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